Parametric Wedding


The Parametric Wedding of Elizabeth E. Bigger &  Luis E. Fraguada

We met when we were 11 years old, both joining the Radio Club of our middle school. This began a solid friendship during our youth, and at age 18,  attending prom together, albeit  just as friends.  During our collegiate years we kept in touch, though more sporadically as we both ventured throughout various cities in the U.S., seeing each other during holiday breaks to catch up.  One casual catch up in 2008 over a few bloody marys in Minneapolis would seal the rest of our fate. With Luis living in Barcelona, Spain & I in Minneapolis, Minnesota,  we started the commute between the two, with both of us eventually settling into Barcelona, Spain.  When we started discussing our wedding plans, we wanted the event to represent us, and our union. Combining the elements of our passions; architecture & clothing design, and the morals we value and deem important to a union of two people.

Living in Barcelona, it was only natural to gain inspiration from Gaudi, specifically the tiles he created for Passeig de Gracia.  These tiles implement an ingenious hexagonal tessellation pattern allowing for a single tile to create a variety of patterns depending on how the tile is oriented. We began looking into what symbolism we would want to convey in our union and in our ‘tile’.  We found three elements that were the most prominent to us, understanding that love, marriage & partnership takes a lot more than three elements!  Our top three symbols are the lemon tree, the pomegranate tree, and the olive tree. One of our first design variations we used for our invitations. And after a few more design variations, tests & accounting for laser cutting considerations, we created the final pattern, or ’tile’ below:




The next step was testing the pattern in our preferred software Rhinoceros 3D & Grasshopper:



Next, I started designing and patterning our attire & utilizing our parametric wedding design within our clothing patterns. I needed to account for seam allowances & the continuity of the pattern throughout the skirt of my wedding dress as well as attempting to play with light (sunlight) weaving in and out of the parametric pattern within the skirt itself.



Meanwhile we working on getting our hand fans for our guests cut and nested appropriately to save material waste. Luis added our names and year engraved on the handles of the fans.


After several tests with the help of Anastasia Pistofidou at FabLab BCN, the original dress fabric was unfortunately lit on fire due to the high power when testing. After I replaced the dress fabric, Luis & I were able to laser cut the final fabric for the wedding dress, veil and groom’s tie. This video is the laser cutting of the wedding dress fabric (synthetic silk for it’s clean edge seaming with laser cut use) :

After several more hours (ok, days & months) of construction of the attire, staining of the fans and LOTS of help from our family & friends, our wedding was truly an ‘us’ production.


The final hand fans for our guests.


Luis’ wedding day tie finished & the laser cutting of the tie fabric (cotton sateen).


Bridal veil and laser cutting of the fabric (silk organza).


Close up of the skirt of the wedding dress (synthetic silk with silk organza underskirt and tulle petticoat).

And a final photo of the complete dress & veil together.

After all this work, we now have a pattern for a life time, a sort of modern day ‘coat of arms’ for Luis & Elizabeth Fraguada. Our parametric design can now be used in all sorts of personalized items for us, from traditional items of dishes & stationary, to lamp shades and laser rasterized sofa pillows!

Photographers: EstudioFotograficoRm

Wedding Location: Masia Can Valldaura, Barcelona, Spain