company profile

Jorge & Esther is an award winning computational fashion technology studio founded in 2010 in Barcelona, Spain.  The primary focus of the studio is to investigate and execute projects which relate fashion, textiles, and technology in such a way that ensures wearability and functionality for daily use.


Jorge & Esther has been awarded prizes for innovation and execution at the 2013 and 2016 International Symposium of Wearable Computers.


In addition to creating custom clothing and accessories collections, Jorge & Esther provides a wide array of services related to textiles and technology including:

  • garment patterning
  • costume design for theater and opera
  • custom tailoring
  • digital tailoring
  • digital fabrication for garments and textiles
  • electronics design and implementation for garments and accessories
  • body area network communication protocol design and implementation
  • wearable computer / wearable technology design and consultation